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Talking with
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Getting the most out of your doctor’s appointment

If you feel that you or your loved one may have a rare genetic disorder of obesity, it’s important to talk to your doctor. He or she will discuss:

To get the most out of this conversation, it’s important to prepare.

Getting ready

You may find this discussion guide helpful in preparing for your conversation with your doctor. Print it out, fill in your information, and use it at your appointment to be sure you cover the information you want to discuss. Other materials you may want to consider bringing include:

Ask a buddy to come with you

Ask a trusted family member or friend to come with you to your appointment. Share your questions and concerns with this person in advance so that he or she can help you ask questions and take notes during the conversation.

During your appointment

Be open and honest

You may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk about some of your symptoms. Try not to let this hold you back. Being honest with your doctor will provide the information needed to best help you.

Explain your perspective

Use your discussion guide to explain why you suspect a rare genetic disorder of obesity. Share the supporting information you collected, such as photos, growth charts, and your food diary.

Ask if the Uncovering Rare Obesity program’s genetic test is right for you

Genetic testing may help you take steps to a diagnosis. Tell your doctor about the test offered by Rhythm Pharmaceuticals at no cost to eligible participants, and ask if you are eligible to participate.

Talk about next steps

Talk with your doctor about what you would like to happen after this appointment — for example, discussing the results of your genetic test. Knowing and communicating what you want can help you and your doctor determine the right plan.

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