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LEADing a better understanding of obesity, together

LEAD for Rare Obesity is a resource created and sponsored by Rhythm Pharmaceuticals to Listen, Empower, Advocate, and Drive change for people affected by rare genetic disorders of obesity.

Listen. As scientific understanding continues to evolve, your perspectives as individuals, caregivers, and advocates are crucial to helping drive progress. We want to continue to listen and learn from you, including:

  • Your diagnostic journey, which is unique for each individual
  • The impact of rare genetic disorders of obesity on your daily life
  • How we can best work together with the community and advocacy groups to educate, raise awareness, and drive support

Empower. Through education, new resources, and social engagements, we hope to enable greater connection and understanding. Our goal is to foster an open dialogue among families who may suspect or be impacted by rare genetic disorders of obesity, as well as their healthcare providers and advocacy organizations.

Advocate. We're committed to helping families learn more about these rare conditions and take action-whether that's asking your medical team questions about the causes of your obesity, seeking a diagnosis, or helping to educate others.

Driving change. We support the important work of advocacy groups, including collaboration on awareness efforts and community events. Together, we strive to make a positive difference for those affected.

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